Take Time To Learn Something New...

July 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In my world, "busy-ness” is an every day and every evening occurrence. I am a self proclaimed workaholic (yes I know I have a problem) so sometime, I need to force myself to relax. How do I do that? I find things that I enjoy and things that I want to make time for, and I do! Today is the first Saturday in a while that I didn't have to photograph so I’m posting a photo of how I'm enjoying my day off. As a new wife and homemaker, I love reading through books that help me be a little more awesome in the home and also give me some great life skills along the way. Today, I am learning from The Year Of Cozy how to make a Classic Peach Pie. YUM! 
If you are a workaholic just like me, take little time today to learn something new or to find a moment of peace and contentment! Tell me what your weekend relaxation plans are! <3 


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