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St Joseph Michigan Beach Wedding

August 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
They were just so perfect and so perfectly in love. Sometimes I have to pull emotions out of people but Lindsay and Stephen were so in love that they didn't mind me, my camera and they definitely didn't need any kind of instruction. This beautiful couple chose to have an intimate wedding in St. Joseph, Michigan with about 25-30 guests. Their cere...
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Take Time To Learn Something New...

July 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
In my world, "busy-ness” is an every day and every evening occurrence. I am a self proclaimed workaholic (yes I know I have a problem) so sometime, I need to force myself to relax. How do I do that? I find things that I enjoy and things that I want to make time for, and I do! Today is the first Saturday in a while that I didn't have to photograph s...
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Always Be A Good Neighbor

June 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Over the last two month's my husband and I had some building issues with the woman in the condo below us. Our hot water heater broke and caused some leakage in her place downstairs. It was several weeks of going back and forth with insurance companies, several weeks of finding the right guy to fix her place and then finally all of the drama was don...
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Engagement Session at Kinzie Street Bridge

June 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I was so excited to have the opportunity to photography my NEW cousins, David and Lizette in Chicago at the end of April. They flew into the Midwest (from Texas) to attend MY wedding and while they were here, I was able to squeeze in a beautiful engagement session for them. Of all of the characteristics of Chicago that they wanted to capture, it wa...
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What Do You Do To Get Creative?

April 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
What do you do to get in your creative zone? Do you have a mental process you go through, an album you listen to, a specific drink you pour? For me it's all of the above. All of my greatest work has done in moments where one of these three things were present and once I figured that out, I was able to create environments that were designed to help...
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