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Remember Your Successes

November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I had the privilege and honor of going back to my alma mater, Prairie State College, to lecture to one of the photography classes about how I developed my photography business, my steps in marketing, how I strengthened my brand, how I defined my photography style and finally how I created a referral base from previous customers. 

In the course of my photography career, there have been many humbling things that I have done, many things that have made my feel proud of my accomplishments and many things that make me feel truly blessed from all of the success that I have found. 

There is no feeling that I can put into words on how blessed, proud and truly humbled that I felt standing in one of my old classrooms, talking to art and photography students that are on the cusp of this own potential careers, still full of dreams and ideas and ready to take on the world. I remember sitting there only a handful of years ago and now I was welcomed in by my previous professor to tell my own story of success - success that I still feel like I am in the process of pursuing. 

While telling my "so far" story I was reminded of just how far I have come and I finally recognized that success is already NOW. I will continue to strive for my dreams, because the Lord knows that I have still so many hopes and dreams that I want to accomplish, but this was truly an eye widening experience that I needed to recognize. It finally soaked into my mind that even though I am always working toward a pinnacle of success, I need to turn around and look at where I have come from.

We should always have a heart of thankfulness for our blessings but since we are in the season of thankfulness, I want to take the opportunity to thank God for the success that I have already found, the opportunities that are in front of my now and the path that He is preparing for me to the next stage of success to come. I am also so thankful for the opportunity that I had to SEE that I am already where I want to be. 

I encourage you to take the time to look back over your past, tracing the lines of where you have come from to where you are today. Don't only think about where you want to go - think about where you are now and then soak in the success of THAT. Only in a spirit of thankfulness will we ever recognize our success.   <3


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