Michelle Cox Photography | 25 Days of Christmas - Day 16

25 Days of Christmas - Day 16

December 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


This is the time of the year that we need to cling to those we love and enjoy them and their company. The photo of this gorgeous stature was actually the FIRST gift that I received this year for Christmas. It was originally given as an "engagement gift" but regardless of that, it is still reminiscent of the holiday "spirit" and how I want to remember and cherish my season. It is important to reach out to the ones that we love and hang on to them with all of our hearts. We never know the twists and turns that life will give us - we never know when we will be sharing our last Christmas with someone or how life can change from day to day, let along year to year. 

Take the opportunity to reach out to your loved ones this holiday. Reach out, hug, kiss, love and enjoy your time with each and every person that you share time with. As you look back on your life, you will regret the things that you DIDN'T do more than the things that you DID do.... so live each day planning your "cans", not "can'ts". You will be happier that you did. 



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