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Friday Favorites - New Beginnings!

January 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2015 and welcome to 2016 - I am excited to meet you!

I am starting a blog series in 2016 called "Friday Favorites" where weekly I will share all (or at least some) of my favorite things with you. Since we have the excitement of starting a year on one of the best days of the week, I have chosen to talk about one of my favorite things - new beginnings. 

For someone like me, new beginnings are neither easy or hard but they are very useful. As a rule of thumb, I don't do well with change as it is coming but the minute that the change has occurred, I am fine. I can deal with it and be excited about it. That excitement is what can carry me to new and deeper success, it can shift my negativity to cheer and I LITERALLY use change to push me forward. That being said, even though new beginnings are sometimes the hardest thing for me to walk up to, once I jump over them I am a new woman, able to use that change as a springboard for something I didn't even realize I was capable of. 

Cheers to the end of a successful 2015, cheers to a new and bright 2016. Welcome in this new beginning and I challenge you to springboard off of this change to a level you never dreamed possible. 

<3 Mish


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