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Friday Favorites - My 2016 Logo

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I started my photography business six years ago. Since that time however, I have seen so much growth and so many positive changes in my business that even though I have created the company myself and never left it, the business of 2010 doesn't even look familiar anymore. I have transformed my work process, my shooting process, my customer service process and even the categories of WHAT and HOW I shoot. I am now firmly established as a Chicago wedding photographer, working in and around the whole region. I have moved from photographing "just about everything" to finding myself now working within Lifestyle Photography, only in ways that reinforce my branding rather than tear it down. 

That being said, even though change is hard, sometimes it is needed. 

After months and months of considering the possibility of a business "face lift", I decided that I needed to actually sit down and talk with someone about it. My fear was that, even though my OLD logo seemed inadequate for the progression of the business, I didn't want to lose the essence of Michelle Cox Photography by adding or taking something away. I sat down with my close friend and AMAZING graphic designer, Aireen (owner of Aerial Ardour) and we chatted about the process. By the end of the conversation we agreed that my business had transformed to a new level and I needed to represent that somehow.

Months flew by with blurs of designs, design changes, birds being added and removed, color pallets and beautiful scripted fonts..... 

Finally.........I am SOOOO excited to release my BRAND NEW logo! It has truly been a long time coming. Together Aireen (and a little bit of me) have brought my business to the next level. Welcome to the next chapter of Michelle Cox Photography!!! 



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