Michelle Cox Photography | Wedding Photography Blurb

Your wedding day is, in many cases, the most important day of your life. For months, sometimes years, you have been planning your wedding. You have spent hours of your days sorting through catalogs, flyers, magazines, and websites. You have spent probably more than you would like to admit on all of the beautiful little ruffles and frills, deluxe packages, extra add-ons, bonus deals. A little here, a little there.. never too much at one time but over the grand scheme of the event, a lot... everywhere!

One of the biggest investments that you can make on your wedding day is in your wedding photography. You are trusting the photographer with the truest memories that you will have about this important day. When the cake is gone, the dress is packed up and the glitter swept away, you will have and hold not only the love of your life but also the wedding album from your special day. How the photographer saw your wedding, the creativity that she used and the details that she did not overlook will forever be etched in your mind as the memory through your own mind's eye.


Your wedding day is so important to me. The moment that I get there