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Always Be A Good Neighbor

June 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Over the last two month's my husband and I had some building issues with the woman in the condo below us. Our hot water heater broke and caused some leakage in her place downstairs. It was several weeks of going back and forth with insurance companies, several weeks of finding the right guy to fix her place and then finally all of the drama was done and we were excited that we could all rest again. 
We wanted to do something special for Dolores downstairs because even though the hassle was not directly our fault, it came from our condo - so I picked up some lovely flowers and brought them down to her with a card to say thank you. 
I could see the shock on her face and the smile was just perfect. She was not expecting the small gift but it really made a difference in her day. Now I can peak over the balcony and see the flowers sweetly hanging on a hook in her area downstairs. It's truly the little things that we do for the people that are around us that make all of the difference. 

Always, be a good neighbor and remember the little things will be the BIG things you look back on. 



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