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Friday Favorites - Colors

January 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One personal thing about me that people should know if that I love colors. I am not an average person walking around in the world that loves this color or that color. No. When I say colors I mean that I love ALL colors, ALL of the time, ALL together. Many of my favorite outfits, artwork, furniture, dish sets, handbags, rugs are the "multi-color version". That has been an obstacle for me to overcome throughout my life because for some reason, people always think that you are CRAZY if you love all colors together. Haven't you heard that the colorful items are meant for the zany artist weirdos that don't have good taste? Well I don't care what anyone thinks - I have fantastic taste ...even though I might be a zany artist weirdo. ;)
So at the end of the day when you see me in almost all black while photographing your wedding or you see my muted "people friendly" decor or outfits, just know that THIS is going on in my brain this very second.
It's my dirty little colorful secret. :)


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