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Sophia Porter Makeup & Hair

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As a wedding photographer in a big city like Chicago, I have the opportunity of meeting countless wedding professionals every weekend. Almost every wedding that I photograph, I get to work with new vendors and for someone like me that loves being social and networking, that is a great thing! 

Recently I had the opportunity of meeting Sophia Porter, a fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist from Chicago. As we chatted over breakfast at Blissful Banana Cafe in Orland Park, I learned all about her wonderful, successful business. I asked her some questions about her business and Sophia was more than welcome to offer the answers for a blog posted devoted to her thriving business.

Photo courtesy of Carnival Studio

When did you start your business? 

About 5 years ago I started to do makeup while I was graduating high school and starting to attend college, simply as a hobbyist, and to make some extra money working for friends. I then completed my first few years of school and came to the realization that I wasn’t doing what I love and what I have a God-given talent for. So after lots of networking, education from world renowned artists, brushing up on my traditional art skills and learning proper sanitization, I’ve now progressed into a published professional hair and makeup artist. 


Tell me a little about why you are different/unique.

I believe that the fact I make my sessions educational for my clientele is what makes me unique. Personally, I love to share knowledge and answer any questions that my clients may have regarding anything beauty related. Giving the client useful information they can walk away with from each appointment is what adds value to my services. My background in science and art has also benefited me greatly through my career at this point. I am a firm believer that you need to invest in education as a working artist, you are always learning no matter where you are in your career. 


What is the advantage of having the same person do the hair AND makeup?

The main advantage of having the same person is time management and a style that flows throughout the entire look! Sometimes if you have two people, their timing can be off, and their styles/techniques can be drastically different. 


Who is your ideal client? 

Anyone who wants to look and feel amazing! 


What are you plans for your business in the future?

My goals at the moment is getting agency representation to further my portfolio with higher end clientele. I focus on print/commercial/editorial for majority of what I do, but bridal is also a large portion of my business!


Contact information!

Studio location : 2443 W. 17th St. Chicago, IL 60608. I also travel to wherever need be! 

Website : www.thesophiaporter.com



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